An Italian mishap.

During our continental travels in our faithful camper-van we have been on some very, very challenging roads. Some intended, some not so. One of the most memorable not-so ones was after leaving the pretty village of St. Sigmund in northern Italy on route south to the mighty Dolomites.

The heart thumping drive started not long after we came to a junction and mistook a large sign indicating cars one way and all other vehicles the other, (with our limited Italian we then completly misread the NOT FOR sign to be ONLY FOR, so gaily drove up the cars only road in error. It wasn t long before we realised this narrow single track, but two way, steep, very bendy track was not intended for camper-vans. After a few more kilometres and not finding a turning place, we managed to take an equally exciting small and very steep lane down at an alarming descent to gain the valley road we should ve been on in the first place. Oh! The joys of travelling.Then it was south once more to our splendid Colfosco campsite next to the mountain ski/walking village of Corvara.


At a height of over 5,000 ft. it was quite cool, but with the cloud embraced mighty Dolomite mountains all around it was a spectacular place to wake up each morning.


Our nearest and most awesome mountain was Sassongher at 8,600ft. (2665mts.) it s a very impressive piece of rock.After a wonderful few days of great local walking, taking in and alongside woods, waterfalls and snow-fed rivers beneath the massive Dolomites it was time to move on south again towards Bolzano.


euro2005-2-80.jpg euro2005-2-70.jpg


We seem to be drawn, like a magnet, to Italy s most twisting and bendy roads. This one took us up over 7,300ft into the snow patched mountains and down again, only to climb again, rather an interesting drive, the views were spectacular, huge valleys, (not unlike Sion in Switzerland).

Once down in the vast valley we headed for an overnight stop at the quaint village of Ora before our lakeside destinations of Lake di Ledro and Lake Garda.

More of which to come at a later date ..


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