Ypres, Belgium.

P1020600 (800x600)         In late May 2013 we were heading down to Koblenz in Germany  for the start of a trip following the Moselle, on the way we stopped at the lovely old town of Ypres(Ieper) in Belgium. We had pre-booked  for two nights as we were told it gets quite busy (which it did). P1000181 (800x600)    The main reason for calling in here was to see the daily ceremony of remembering the fallen of the 1914-1918 world war. P1020625 (800x600)    This we attended in the evening when at 8 o’clock  members of the Epres Fire Brigade sounded the Last Post, along with the hundreds of other people gathered in and around the huge town gateway.

P1000184 (800x600)     The Menen Gate.

P1000182 (800x600)Along the white walls of this majestic marble archway are carved the names of some 56,000 soldiers with no known grave. As and when a grave is found then the name is removed. The names are of soldiers from groups and regiments of our allies from all around the world.

P1020611 (800x600)

Next to the campsite is a small reserve which you walk through on the way  to the town about ten minutes away. P1020607 (800x600)Once there we strolled round the huge main square and visited the Tourist Office/Museum, recommend the hot chocolate there.

P1000189 (800x600)      To really get a feel for the place we took a walk along the towns old ramparts, these take you out of the old town a bit towards small graveyards of the war. Also there is a lovely small island with a caf’e  accessed over a little bridge.

To find out more of this charming town see    www.toerisme-ieper.be/en

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