Copenhagen, and Mermaid ?

030.JPG Returning from our 2010 Swedish adventure over the impressive Oresund Bridge to Denmark we turned right to visit the lovely capital city of Copenhagen. The idea being to seek out the iconic statue of “The Little Mermaid”. Only to find………….

“Will the false Mermaid please step forward”


We easily located the edge of town campsite, although more like a car-park it has all the facilities including power and water etc. A novel arrangement was the fact no matter what time you booked in your day still did not finish till 8 o’clock pm the next day, so no rushing back from visiting the city when leaving. On enquiring how far away the Mermaid was we were amazed to be told “CHINA”. It appeared it was on loan to the Chinese for an exhibition for the summer, quite a let down as one reason for our detour was to see this Danish attraction.

146-copy.JPG 145-copy.JPG


On the twenty minute waterside walk to the city you cannot fail to see and appreciate the huge modern glass and steel buildings along the western bank. Whilst on the opposite bank the skyline was of older but still tall brick dwellings.


012.JPG 013.JPG



Once in the old city it was easy to be overwhelmed by the size and number of magnificent buildings.

015.JPG 016.JPG

We spent the whole of our time here walking around trying to take in the splendour of this laid back place.

020.JPG 019.JPG

A really peaceful part was the Botanical Gardens, they were like a smaller version of our own Kew Gardens, in fact the Tropical Glasshouse was visually very similar to Kew’s.


There were walk through rockeries and lovely waterways with cup shaped features floating around, very relaxing.

023.JPG 024.JPG


The old city centre water front was a hub of lively activity and some beautiful vintage sailing craft were tied up alongside and really set the scene.

Copenhagen certainly ticked all our boxes and a return in the future is more than likely.

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