Benedictine Distillery

Along the Normandy coast of France lies the old fishing port of Fecamp. Whilst worth a visit for its own seaside charms, an interesting few hours can be spent at its lesser known secret, the home of the Benedictine Liqueur.palace-of-benedictine.jpg

When we stayed on the cliff-top campsite in September 2005,(with its wonderful sea views), we took a short walk down into town and through the back streets to discover this gem of a distillery and museum.


The first impression on seeing it is of a beautiful chateau or small palace, it’s actually called The Palais Benedictine. When built in 1880 to house the distillery it was, and still is, also a highly decorative museum of unique splendour with barely an inch of wall undecorated. Indeed the non-distilling area would put many a country mansion to shame.

dscn3341.JPG dscn3347.JPG

The old distillery is no longer used but is open to the puplic. Originally produced in 1510 by an order of monks in an Abbey only a few minutes away, it is still made to the same original recipe. On display they have boxes of all the various herbs used,including Myrrh, in its concoction, very aromatic. Production now being at an out of town site.

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Afterwards in the pleasant lounge we were treated to a sample which of course led to the purchasing of a bottle. It’s well worth a visit if in the area………………

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