The Falkirk Wheel 2007

The September of 2007 saw us on a tour of Scotland. After our steady start up the Northumberland and lower Scottish east coast we detoured inland to Falkirk. We came here to visit the man-made spectacle of the Falkirk Wheel. Opened in 2002 it was part of British Waterways project to restore the navigable link between the east and west coasts.


The huge stainless-steel structure rotates 180 degrees during a five minute cycle, transferring the two boat chambers 115 ft.from one level to the next.


Allthough there are tourist trips on a canal boat using the wheel lift a better view is had by simply walking all around the base walkways whilst it is working.


There is a Visitors Centre well stocked with souvenirs and an interesting display area, all about The Wheel. With a comfortable all weather eating area overlooking The Wheel itself, several memorable hours soon slip by.


For more detailed information of the building of this wonderful piece of engineering click on,

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