Rust, a village/city

The most eastern place in Europe we have travelled to in our faithful camper (till now at least), during our adventures has been to the village/city of Rust, near the Austrian/Slovakian border.


As with nearly all the more remote places we have visited it was adequately described in either Rough Guide or Lonely Planet guide books to the relevant country.Our peaceful campsite here was located right on the shore of the shallow lake Neusiedler See. With this on one side of us and a wildlife reserve on the other a promising stay was anticipated (and experienced). The reserve is a sanctuary for hundreds of birds including Harriers, Herons, Storks, Egrets and many more. On the edge of the reserve and within easy walking from the campsite there is a raised viewing hide free to the public. From this we were lucky enough to watch Purple Heron fly by. The very pretty village itself is actually designated a city as it was purchased by its inhabitants and granted its City title from Emperor Leopold 1 in 1681 for 60,000 gold guilders.

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Because it was late May the huge White Storks were busy on their roof top nests; (they use the same nest each year on their return from warmer climes).



Normally the village would be quite a busy affair with tourists, but as it was still early in the year when we strolled around its central square it was very calm and peaceful.euro20061-140.JPG

The old small church, Fischerkirche, which dates back to the thirteenth century, is full of medieval frescoes and simple wooden pews in keeping with the ancient stone pulpit. The small Baroque organ (dated 1705) is reputed to be the oldest of its kind in the area.

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Outside the church, against its wall, stands a strange twin pyramid stone monument. euro20061-138.JPG

As we had now travelled over 1,250 miles (2,000 klms.) south-east, from our home in Norfolk, we decided the time had come to steer right and to head south and have a peek into Hungary.

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