Sopron, Hungary 2006

As part of our 2006 Tour around Central Europe we were slipping in and out of some of the less popular countries for a few days at a time. One such country was Hungary. 1.JPG

After going through the Austria/Hungary border crossing with the gun carrying guards looking more menacing than they probably were, we headed for Sopron.euro20061-3.JPG

The first impression of this part of Hungary was one of a badly neglected and run-down place. Driving into the city of Sopron was like stepping back in time. The roads were so full of potholes there was more holes than Tar-mac, I reckon our van aged several years just going through this city. These must rank as the poorist roads in Europe, allthough I would think now that they are part of the European Union ( 2004 ) all this will change in time.

euro20061-11.JPG 9.JPG

When we did find our intended camp-site it was closed so we travelled further inland to the pleasant village of Balf. This was a welcome contrast from the stark border-town of Sopron. Although only a small village it had a few shops (one being the famed Co-op ) a bike shop and at least three churches.


Whilst walking around one of the church-yards we noticed that on the grave headstones, along with the birth and death dates of the occupier, there was also the birth date and a space for the (presumably) spouse for when their time came. Seemed macabre. euro20061-7.JPG

If we had had more time to travel deeper inland I’m sure we would have found more of the picturesque country the guide books droll about.

Maybe another time…………………..

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