Luxembourg,a pleasant place.


We find Luxembourg to be an ideal place as either a stop over when on route to South-western Germany or as a destination in its own right.


We visited three times in our little High-top Avalon and found it both restful and interesting.


Whilst not having the visual impact of high mountains or vast lakes it does have, on its eastern side, an area referred to as Little Switzerland ,(a little tongue in cheek I think ) where some pleasant walking can be found.

dont-get-stuck.jpg better-move-out-a-bit.jpg

Also near Berdorf there are some strange rock formations to explore(taking care not to get wedged in). Watch out for the overhangs on the approach drive.


To visit the city of Luxembourg itself we find it best to stay on the Camping Knockelscheuer camp-site, about four km out. Then catch the local bus outside the sites drive.




The city is very interesting with its tall buildings,some old some new. Most of a light colour making it all seem spacious and clean.With lots of amusing statues and colourful figures.


The ancient town of Echternach boasts a church with Roman origins of the third century and a massive monastery,set in grounds open to the public.


In the town centre there are pleasant pedestrian areas with numerous caf ‘s and restaurants,one in particular selling delicious cheery tarts.


From our nearby camp-site we had a lovely walk in the adjoining woods and through the impressive Sur du Loop Gorge.

the-local-area.jpg on-a-bike-ride.jpg

With the cheapest petrol in western Europe it encourages calling in for a short break. We will no doubt return.

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