Maastricht, a brief stay.

euro20061-9.JPGIn early summer of 2006 we set out on a two-month tour of central Europe in our faithful camper-van. After crossing under the north sea we drove along the coast to spend the first night at Jabbeke in northern Belgium before entering Holland to spend a couple of pleasant days on the outskirts of Maastricht.


Here we stayed at the small village of Berg en Terblijt. euro20061-8.JPG The next morning saw a sunny start so we caught the local bus from outside the campsite to the edge of Maastricht town (capital of the province of Limburg). Walking across the bridge over the fast flowing River Maas we arrived at the right bank and larger part of town. Very impressed with the place, clean, neat it seemed affluent. The houses, shops and offices were all tall (five or more stories). There was a lot of work being carried out on both the riverside streets and sitting areas.In the town itself nearly all the streets were cobbled, with the pedestrians having right of way.euro20061-5.JPG

Strolling around the back streets we saw numerous statues, one group was a set of bronzes of children playing marbles. euro20061-6.JPG

Another set was near one of the many squares, up to your imagination to interpret. euro20061-2.JPG

Near the bus station it was obvious what the general mode of transport was. euro20061-10.JPG

After a pleasant few hours soaking up the atmosphere and fine buildings we returned to chill out at our campsite. From here we would head further east and explore some of the more central European countries. (See, under other countries, for articles relating to these).

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