Lake Bled, Slovenia 2006

julian-alps.JPGOne of the many wonderful places we were fortunate to visit during our 2006 Central European Tour was Lake Bled. Nestled below the great snow-covered Julian Alps of Slovenia lies the emerald coloured waters of this beauty spot. With its so perfectly positioned island, complete with small church, it’s every camera carrying travellers dream.

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Even though we had light rain to accompany us on our walk round the lake it was still a magical place, with Castle Bled up on the hillside keeping guard over the small gondolas plying their trade out to the island. It takes about two hours of slow walking to go right round, allthough for the not so nimble there is a road-train.


We were lucky in that our campsite was only minutes away from the northern end of the lake. Our guide-book told of a trail up the side of the nearby hill (Osojina ) with great views out to and over Lake Bled. So next morning in warm sunshine we set out on our quest to climb up and locate this viewing area. Eventually we came to the place high on the hillside with its brilliant panoramic views.


It’s one place everyone should see………

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