Formula 1 Camper-van. 2005

dscn2678.jpgOur detour into Monaco was part of our larger circular tour down from Germany, through Austria via Innsbruck and southwards taking in the tortuous roads around Corvara in the Italian Dolomites. On and after the nightmare drive negotiating the rush-hour pandemonium of Genovas traffic we entered France.

Driving along the Corniche Inferieure in hot mediterranean sunshine, the sea a sparkling clear turquoise as seen in films and tourist guides,we had found our element.dscn2663.jpg

On entering the small Principality of Monaco we skirted the marina crammed with yachts and motor-boats of the rich and glamorous, including ZACA originally owned by the legendry Errol Flyn.

dscn2672_0001.jpg dscn2691.jpg

Then we drove through the famous tunnel and the road circuit of the famed Formula One Race.With speeds close on 35 m.p.h. the likes of Alonso,Kimi and Lewis don’t have a lot to fear,(although they may want to keep an eye on their rear mirrors for a white van with a snail logo).Just to have driven round this road track, albeit in a camper-van, was a great thrill.


Parking for motor-homes is underground in special bays which keeps the waterside areas available for the sleek and plush cars of the beautiful people. Allthough Monaco was bustling, the lovely gardens, with the Princesse Grace Memorial section especially, was an oasis of peace and tranquility.We spent most of the day just wandering amongst the small streets or around the habour areas taking in the atmosphere.



Places like the opera house and the huge Casino in the Monte-Carlo area were as impressive as expected.


And also the numerous sculptures seemed to fit in so naturally. dscn2692.jpg.dscn2669.jpg.dscn2677.jpg.

Out in the outer reaches of the harbour the massive liner The World lay, dwarfing all around her.


All too soon the day slipped by and we had to move on and settle in the wonderful gorge area of Bar-Sur-Loop of France. Watch this space……………………………

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