euro2005-2-106.jpg During our travels we have encounted some very hot weather, no complaints though, thats part of the reason for travelling. Like along the French Rivera above. Some more places to date………………….

euro2005-2-27.jpg euro2005-2-100.jpg

Making hay in Italy. Sylvia at Simione.



pyrenees-2-96.JPG pyrenees-2-90.JPG

Hot enough for Pomegranets in Carcassonne..

euro-20071-72.JPG pont-darc.jpg

Heatwave in Strasbourg. Swimming in The Ardeche.

pyrenees-2-25.JPG Cooling off in a foot spa at Ax-Le-Thermes.

euro-2007-no2-36.JPG euro-2006-2-63.JPG

A hot horse in Switzerland. Welcome shade at Berchtesgaden.

euro-2006-2-56.JPG euro-2005-1-57.jpg

Mid-day heat in Salzburg. Innsbruck without shade.

euro20061-106.JPG euro2007-3-65.JPG

Hot sun in Vienna. How do I get this home ?

euro2005-3-28.jpg euro2005-3-22.jpg

Old open Ochre workings in Rustrel,France. Hot stuff in France.

euro2005-3-39.jpg euro20061-65.JPG

Avignon bathed in sunshine. Metz in Austria was scorching hot.

euro2005-2-162.jpg euro2005-2-174.jpg

Hot at the end of the Ardeche. brittany-2005-93.JPG Looks like another hot one tomorrow.

We don’t seem to have any trouble finding the sun…………..


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