Hot Air Balloon Centre

During our 2007 European Tour we were tracking westward across Switzerland when we stopped overnight at an interesting place named Chateau D’Oex. We stayed on a lovely riverside campsite a short walk from the village. The area itself is a bowl shaped valley, which is supposed to be ideal for hot air ballooning. Indeed it draws enthusiasts from around the world for the annual Hot-Air Ballooning Week , held in January, when nearly 100 gigantic colourful balloons take to the skies.


From a British angle the village is perhaps most famous for being the starting point in 1999 for the record-breaking 45,755km round the word flight. The small capsule slung underneath the massive balloon held two people, the Swiss Bertrand Piccard and the British Brian Jones.



Outside the Museum of Ballooning in the village stands the actual capsule. Also there is a plinth with plaques descibing the trip.





On the edge of the small village, on a elevated position stands a lovely old church and terraced gardens, with a beutiful view down the valley.

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